Vegetable drinks, or the so-called vegetable milks, are an alternative for costumers who want to substitute animal milk. They are easier to digest than animal milk and with a good nutritional contribution of vegetable base. ¡That is why it is more often used for preparing shakes, creams, as a cooking ingredient or simply to drink a cold glass!


Although years ago you could find these drinks in specialized stores, in recent years their consumption has increased significantly, becoming a product of regular use in many families and easily accessible in most supermarkets.

As its use becomes more and more normalized, the variety of flavors and ingredients has also grown, and top quality brands such as Natrue offer a complete range of flavors.

Also, the habit of maintaining a healthy and more sustainable diet is having a big impact on conscious consumers, so manufacturers are striving to meet their demands.

The range of vegetable drinks Natrue and Yosoy are made with natural ingredients and mineral water from the Montseny Natural Park. In its preparation, only the processes strictly necessary to maintain its natural quality and obtain a product without additives and without added sugars are carried out. These drinks are also vegetarian and vegan products, and in their production no genetically modified products (Non GMO) are used.

At Aesekol we are proud to be distributors of these brands in the Caribbean and participate in their constant interest in improving their products while always maintaining a commitment to nature and healthy eating.